Explore Arizona

The purpose of ‘trvlaz,’ is to bring together our community of explorers, wanderers, adventurers.

Naturally, most have the first impression of Arizona as a dry and empty desert (with lots of cactus). We want to share the best that Arizona has to offer. We want to spark the adventure and exploration bug in each of you. Whether you are a native, a visitor coming for the sun, or an avid adventurer, we believe there is never an end to the life experiences that are learned through travel.

We love to explore, travel and create new experiences.

Take time to travel + explore

We encourage you to get out and explore all the great places that are available.

We hope we can help you discover great destinations along the way. Hopefully one of our members in our community will create something that will inspire your next travel experience. and share with us!

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We are a community of travelers.

We love helping you, and are there for whatever you need. Whether it is advice for upcoming trips, or putting you in touch with someone who can help you adventure more!

I’d start my day dreaming about being out among nature, but be stuck working on email, Twitter, Facebook. I’d look at my to-do list & get it done as soon as I could so I could go explore.

Please contact us if you would like help, or help us! We are always in the need of people that are willing to help our community of travelers!