Places to Stay:

Sedona Summit

Welcome, and here are a few tips on Sedona.

If you’re looking for a great place to stay, you’ll want to look at Sedona Summit. For the price, it is the best place we have stayed so far. I know it was somewhere around $50/night which is amazing for Sedona. It was a studio, with small kitchen, but for the amount of time we were in the Room it was great. Not too far out of town and within a few miles to most of the activities around.




A little higher priced, but more central to some of the attractions. Included a huge breakfast buffet, small (really small) gym.

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Bell Rock Inn 

and also

Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort

These are a couple others that we like because the price is low since we mostly go to be outdoors. Also, one company owns just about all of these resorts, which they seem to offer a little more affordable options.

Best Hikes:

Doe Mountain Trail: MUST DO! Awesome for sunrise/sunset.



Cathedral Rock: